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Understanding your goals, how you intend to use the final image, what you expect out of the shoot, what your deadlines are, and how we can work together to meet those parameters - these are key to success. Whether shooting people, product, or architecture, based from a layout or shot editorially - having a clear idea of your needs allows us to move ahead creatively.



Formally trained at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Todd Young has been making photographs for over 30 years. From fine art, zone system based, large format prints, to experimental "toy cameras", to digital, the pursuit is always the same - exceptional images.  Collaborating with advertising departments for large companies (such as Robinsons-May, Macy's, and Mattel) as well as for many private clients. 

Comfortable working both in-studio and on location.  From the large sets to the smallest tabletops, shooting traditional film or digital files, using pinhole cameras through large format- I've always enjoyed the opportunity to photograph for great clients and to share ideas with other talented photographers.


Planning and Preparation

Location and architectural shoots require well thought-out preparation.  Considering time of day and weather conditions, juggling pedestrian and street traffic, balancing interior lighting with exterior natural lighting- every detail combines to turn an ordinary image into an exceptional one.  I strive to consistently produce images of the highest quality.  Pairing careful planning before a shoot with post production image editing in the digital darkroom to refine and highlight details.


-Todd Young